770 vs 670 vs r9 280x

I wasn't so sure If I should go off with r9 280x when I saw some weird prices twisting in newegg and amazon.
So heres my question:
Should I get a gtx 670 msi power edition ($280), a gtx 770 [evga acx cooler ($330) or PNY model ($312) or msi Gaming model ($330) or msi lightning ($350)] or a R9 280x either of xfx or Asus.

(*NOTE): I am an overclocking fanatic

My budget for a graphics card is in a $320 range, but I could downgrade some things in my PC if i wanted to ( etc... corsair cabride air 540 to fractal define r4 , noctua nhd14 to hyper 212 evo, no fan controller,)

GTX 670: Could I at least overclock and overvolt this to be better performing than a gtx 680-gtx 770?

GTX 770: I'm leaning more to PNY's model since it has 3 fans but i've heard from some people of it's coil whine. I think evga's acx cooling model would be the best to go with also some overclocking. But could the MSI 770 lightning overclock and overvolt past the gtx 780? If so thats where I'm putting my money.

R9 280x: I lean more to Asus, As it has more superior overclocking and looks better to me. However, XFX makes a breaker deal with a LIFETIME warranty and Free Battlefield 4 game.

I'm also find with playing some games in moderate to high settings. So some of these cards aren't even neccessary. Also What is mantle? when is it going to be implemented?

Future RIG:
CPU: 8320
CPU COOLER: noctua nhd14
CASE : Corsair cabride air 540
RAM: Crucial Ballistx Elite 8gb 2x4gb
Storage: 500gb Seagate Solid State Hybrid Drive
PSU: Corsair RM 550
NZXT Fan Controller as Well as a bunch of corsair fans
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  1. Well the 670 is obviously worse than the 770 hence the name. I would go with the 770 because vs a r9 280x nvidia has some cool features. Unless your looking to use Mantle on like BF4 than the 290 might win.
  2. Since you are wanting bf4 and the deal and mantle probably get the 290
  3. But overall in texel and pixel rate the 770 is better.
  4. If you can afford it, the 280x would be the best card, when mantle comes out, not sure when myself, would have to look that up, it's going to make your amd cards that are compatible with it work WAY better in games that support it. it's also going with a true surround sound for gaming. I can't remember everything off the top of my head though, but it's supposed to be amazing. We'll see though.

    If you can't quite afford the 280x though, or don't feel like downgrading, the 770 would be the next best choice in your list.
  5. I think mantle would be better since I have an 8 core processor. And the 770 Has physx and G sync which g sync is usless without the proper monitor. And the r9 290 might melt my mobo, as im fine with the noise but will it stand with my 550 watt power supply? IN some benchmarks the 670 seems better than the r9 280x Which could be better for me to save like 20 bucks for a better mobo. And overclocking the 670 is better than the 680....
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    the 670 and 680 are nice cards, but the 770 is just as good as a 680, and you aren't going to melt the mobo with the oc abilities with those cards. You're mobo is just fine. the 280x is still going to outperform all the others other than the 770 which will outperform the 280x in certain games and vice versa, the 280x will outperform the 770 in certain games. 280x will definitely outperform the 770 in BF4 though. Hands down. however, it's more of what YOU want in YOUR system.
  7. So basically what I just said huh. Cool
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