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Hey, I currently subscribe to high speed internet through Comcast. I had my coax cables plug directly into both my TV and my PC, which gave me free basic television. All those channels were suddenly scrambled today, and now I am not getting any TV Channels, not even standard def analog channels.

I have read some places that it's considered "Passive Theft" of cable, but I've also read that it's required to provide the regular, basic local channels to everyone.

Regardless, my goal here is not to be a "Passive Thief" per se. My goal is simply to see if anyone can share what my options are moving forward. Are my only options to buy from Comcast? Is an antenna a realistic and viable option? I heard I could get a digital converter possibly from Comast, but not sure what that will do for or to me. Any help, suggestions, tips or tricks are all welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Usually, you pay a premium to Comcast if you have only Internet and NOT TV service together.
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    Look at the specifications for your TV. If it has an ATSC (digital tuner), you can then go to enter your zip code and find what local digital channels should be available to you. If your local channels are available for free, over the air, all you would need is an antenna.

    Comcast (and all cable television providers) are required to carry all local stations to their subscribers at no additional cost; meaning no additional equipment (like a set top decryption box) should be required. A set top digital to analog (DTA) converter box may still be required from the cable company for older TVs, but cable companies only need provide one or two of those without charge.

    Since you are not a Comcast TV subscriber, you are not entitled to any television programming from Comcast.

    -Wolf sends
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