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I am gonna use this pc mostly for hosting game servers like CoD4 or just general use. Its gonna run on Fedora 20 that's due for release next month.

Intel i3 3220 - ₹ 7500
Gigabyte GA-H61N-D2V - ₹ 3000
Corsair SMPS CX430 430 Watts - ₹ 3000
Samsung S20B300B 20 inch LED - ₹ 7000
WD Caviar Blue 500 GB - ₹ 3500
CM Elite 120 Advance Mini - ₹ 3500
G.Skill Sniper 4GB 1600Mhz - ₹ 3000

Total. [₹ 30,500] ( Which is approximately 600 US Dollars )

P.S The RAM is gonna be upgraded to 8 Gigs and the Mini-ITX MoBo and Cabinet is cuz it is meant to be space saving
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    Save some $ and use Centos6, It's free...

    As long as the NIC is gigabit and so is the rest of your LAN, should be fine. Ditch the monitor and use a KVM or remote onto it...
  2. Fedora too is freee :P and its not gonna be only a 24/7 dedicated server only remoting in is not an option.. What do you mean save some dollars? Overkill or kill monitor for better hardware?
  3. If you are a hosting gaming server, you should not try to play the game on the same system.
  4. Not just *play the game* but also not use the system much while hosting cuz CoD4 servers are RAM hungry..What i meant was..using the system for hosting or general use at different times..not multitasking..and servers gonna be hosted for 4 hrs tops a day for few mates to scrim on it.
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