Best Sound Card and Speakers for my PC?

Recommend Sound Card + Speakers for PC?

Hi, I’m looking to improve the audio quality for my PC from the Bose Companion II speakers and onboard audio I’m currently using to either a pair of better computer speakers or some bookshelf speakers and amp.

Recently I had an opportunity to hear some quality speakers (computer speakers and home theater bookshelf speakers) on a PC with a sound card and was really impressed with how significantly improved the audio quality was from what I’m used to. This led me to begin researching PC audio setups with the intention of buying one.

One thing I frequently found when reading about this is bookshelf speakers + some sort of amp yield more quality for the money than a pair of computer speakers. However I’ve heard good things about logitech’s computer speakers, and unexpectedly, terrible things about Bose computer speakers which until recently I thought were good.

I mostly use my PC for listening to music, gaming, watching movies and never turn the volume up high since I’m in a small room. My budget is about $200.

What in your opinion would be the best value within that price range? Would it be a good idea to spend part of that budget on a good sound card or put more towards the speakers?

Another question I had is do computer speakers perform better for gaming since they’re designed to be listened to up close whereas bookshelf speakers while possibly better quality are designed to be listened to at a distance?

Thanks for any advice.
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  2. patrick47018 said:

    Thanks. That sound card seems like a good value at $60 so I ordered it.

    I'll keep those desktop speakers in mind but from what I read, a good pair of bookshelf speakers along with an amp seem to yield better quality for around the same price.

    What do you think of pairing these speakers with this amp?

    Micca MB42 Speakers:

    Lepai 2020A+ Amp:
  3. Those are good bookshelf speakers, and the amp is okay but not of the greatest quality, but to get one much better you'd have to pay quite a bit more
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