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I'm going to be building a new server soon. My old server currently has a lot of things on it. At first, I was running Windows Server 2003 on it and was able to run the NTBackup program in order to back the entire OS up in case of failure. In Server 2008, it appears Microsoft replaced that with something else that won't allow you to save backups on the same drive/partition that the OS is on.

The problem is, I don't have enough disk space to create a partition big enough to create the backup on. If I recall, NTBackup allowed you to create a backup as long as you had enough space (not sure of the exact specifications of what it did, but I'm assuming it compressed it).

So the question is, is there a third party software out there that will do what I want? Something that allows:

You to backup the entire OS and its settings without having over twice the amount of allocated disk space?

Can be backed up on the same drive/partition as the OS.

This server is incredibly old (from 2001 I believe) and I'm afraid of the drives failing. I have backups, but they are from when I had Server 2003 R2 loaded and they aren't current.

Thanks! I'd be happy to clear anything up in case I didn't articulate anything clearly enough!
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    The reason you can't backup to the same drive is because it is a terrible idea and can barely be considered a backup at all. If that drive were to fail you loose both your data and the backup, because they were both on the same drive.

    It's the equivalent of 'backing up' something you have written on a piece of paper by writing it again on the back of the same piece of paper. If something happens to that paper you loose both copies.

    Probably not what you wanted to hear but the best possible advice I can give you is to invest in a hard drive you can dedicate to backups. You can get some really cheap USB external hard drives which would do the job.

    Personally, as a minimum I will have two external drives dedicated to backups which are alternated between on-site and off-site. This is in addition to an online backup of the most critical data.
  2. Do what casper1973 outlined.

    So while the purchasing of rotating USB external drives may not be what you wanted to hear, the good news is that the backup feature of server 2008 r2 does work very well and is easy to use. Also does not cost any additional money. So you won't have to buy any new software, just the hardware.
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