System reserved partition created only sometimes. Why?

I recently installed win 7 on two computers. In one of them I installed my OS on a Samsung 840 Pro SSD and the "System Reserved" partition was not created on this computer.

In the second computer I installed Windows 7 on a G.Skill Phoenix III SSD and the "System Reserved partition" 100MB was created.

AHCI mode was used in both cases.

Why was it not created in both installations? Is not having the partition bad? What is the difference?

I'd rather not have it since it clutters the "My Computer" screen anyway, but I was just wondering why there seems to be this discrepancy?
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  1. Does it have anything to do with the fact that it was the second time I installed Windows on the Samsung 840 Pro (This is where the "System Reserved" partition is not visible) whereas it is the first time I install Windows on the G.Skill SSD (It was a cache previously, and this is where the "System Reserved" partition is visible)?
  2. If the drive currently has no partitions, it will create the reserved partition, otherwise it won't.

    Also, the reservered partition shouldn't clutter "my computer" as it's normally a hidden partition and isn't visible unless you assign it a drive letter.
  3. I noticed it was always appearing when I was installing Windows in RAID 0 in order to use an SSD for caching a HDD with Intel Smart Response Technology. Now that I got rid of the caching and simply installed my OS in ACHI mode directly onto an SSD, the "System Reserved" partition is no longer visible in the My Computer screen.
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