what's Top P2P Game's! 2013-2014!!

Hi, I will appreciate If you Can (List) some new & at top Pay2Play FPS Game's / Adventure Game's / Upcoming Games! , I will play on High-Med settings + Max resolution

My pc spec so far is this new beast I got :

MB Asus Maximus VI Extreme
CPU Intel Core I7-4770K 3,5Ghz 8mb
RAM DDR3 8.0 GB/ 1600 KingSton Hyprex
128 SSD + 2 TB HDD
VGA Gigabyte GTX 780 3gb DDR5
OS windows 7 Pro OEM
PowerSupply 1200W
Monitor : VG278HE LED 27"

I'm looking For most challenging 3D-Game's and High End New Game's To Test & Buy,

Games I already have (Dota2/LoL/world of tanks/War Thunder)<- free game's bored of them even though they are CooL..

So What you think ? please make a (List)+(games Price's)!
Let's make this Article helpfull a bit for everyone looking for P2P/new High-end Game's :D
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  1. Try:
    Crysis 2;
    Far Cry 3;
    Max Payne 3;
    The Witcher 2.
  2. Thank you MysteryINC!

    We Need to Make a List of P2P Games specially FPS/Adventure ! even Upcoming Games!
    PLus the Games Price's ! Come on People :D Let's make this a 2013-2014! Best Reviews article
  3. Best answer
    You can also try BF4 since it came out not too long ago :P
    Also, if you are into MMORPGs, Final Fantasy 14 ARR is a gorgeous game (for an MMO), but it is subscription based, 13 dollars a month if I remember correctly.
    Bioshock Infinite
    GTA V
    Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag
    Watch_Dogs (2014)
    Titanfall (2014)

    to name a few :P
  4. Awsome job lmaonade200

    What Else we Got :D !!!

    More Suggestions !!!
    Top P2P Game's released or Upcoming Soon/ Price's !
  5. List please Anyone ?
  6. I would wait for GTA V to come out...That's going to be one of the most demanding CPU/GPU games on the market.
  7. I will add the Game Theif <- Coming soon (2014)
  8. can anyone Add a Big LIST 2013-2014 P2P Game's please ...
    will Appreciate it
  9. Tomb Raider
    Call of Duty: Ghosts
    Sleeping Dogs
    Saints Row 4
    Batman: Arkham City/Origins

    just naming a couple more :)
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