Computer won't recognise 7870 graphic card.

Hi all,

About to rip my hair out of my head... I recently bought my Powercolor HD 7870 Graphic card, and have everything hooked up to everything it needs to be.
However I'm getting no signal from the graphic card when I go HDMI/DVI to my tv. So I use my onboard HDMI, and I go to device manager and it doesn't show on there, I tried installed the driver's but Catalyst Control Center won't find the driver's for me...

I've got the specs to uphold the graphic card, I just have no idea what to do and I'm gonna kill myself and go insane.

P.S The card works as it was tested before shipping, and the fans spin, etc.

If someone could help I would be greatly appreciative!

Thanks so much in advance,

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    First, go to this page and choose the correct Driver product manually.
    If you are using W7 64 bit, you should end up on this page( if windows 8 or 32 bit choose accordingly- don't use this one!):
    Download the correct driver and save it to your desktop or a folder. IF you have had a previous AMD or Nvidia GPU on your system, make sure you go to Control panel > Programs and delete the previous driver. Restart and then install the new driver. Just double click the file and it will load and walk you through the rest. Restart again and then right click on the desktop and open the Catalyst Control Center ( it will be the top choice ) and make sure your screen res, fan speeds and temperatures are all good. Familiarize yourself with the Control Center to get the most out of your new card.
  2. Update BIOS if anything above doesn't work
  3. I actually found the solution, when I put my graphic card in I didn't realise there was still a little plastic sleeve that was on the end of the graphic card that was barely in eye's sight. I took that off, made sure the 6-pin was secure and voila!
    It fixed it, so all is going well; thank's very much for the help guys.
  4. Well, this could be the power unit, maybe you're not getting the right amount of power?
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