Will GTX 660 and amd FX-6300 be able to run on ultra BF4?

was watching some youtube vids of guys using GTX 660 and amd FX-6300 and being able to run on ultra? Is that possibe or is this just a prank?
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  1. u_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya said:
    It depends on which scene this video was measuring the FPS in. Some battle scenes are way more graphic intensive than others. Usually, when everything is zoomed out and you aren't close to anything (so the GPU doesn't have to process much detail) the FPS will jump. Once a bunch of enemies start shooting and you got smoke everywhere and you are pinned against cover then the GPU is getting its butt kicked and the FPS drops. This site got an average of 43 FPS in BF4 in ultra and 1080p. Buuuut... they were using the high end 3970x. Expect less with a 6300 but still playable.

    Would i get 60fps ultra since not beta anymore and have window 8.1?
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    benchmark from techspot of launch BF4 at Ultra 1920x1200, GTX 660 only gets 25 fps avg here, but keep in mind that Nvidia drivers have improved and that MSAAx4 is turned on in this benchmark, which causes a HUGE drop in performance, if you turn off MSAA you should get around 40 FPS averages on Ultra settings at 1080 with your set up.
  3. u_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya said:
    doto said:

    Would i get 60fps ultra since not beta anymore and have window 8.1?
    Soz about bad gramma

    My bad, wrong link, here is the same site with the retail version. With AA off, it got 41 FPS avg.:

    And with 4x MSAA on, it got 33 FPS avg.:

    will i be able to run 60fps?
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  4. you will run it at about a 40 FPS average with about a 30 FPS minimum if you want Ultra, there are other ways to boost performance though, such as drivers, overclocking, running nothing else in the background, etc

    you will smash high settings though, you should be able to get 60 FPS averages, Ultra means a slight performance hit.
  5. good suggestion :) I've never used one of those before (though I have thought about it) so I'm not too familiar
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