First PC build problem


CPU -i7 4770k
RAM -8GB Corsair V pro 1866mhz
MOB - MSI G-45
PS - OCZ fatility 750w modular, 80 bronze +
1TB - Wester digital Caviar Black
Some cheap case.

Anyway after I spent like 3 hours following the intrustions on how to install a pc, putting everything in place etc. I've came across a problem, my whole PC powers on, there is lights and stuff all fans spinning including the GPU one. But when I connect my card to a monitor it says 'Power down the computer and plug in the PCIE cables into the graphics card' something along those lines. I mean Im pretty sure they're pluged in, hence the fans spinning. Im not sure whats going on, Im very confused.
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    What happens when you plug the monitor into the on board GPU? Also, is the graphics card properly seated in the correct PCIe lane?
  2. When I pluged it into the motherboard nothing would show up on the screen, - the only wrong thing with the pc that I know off is. The motherboard is only on 2 standoffs as thats what my shitty case came with, but I found an older pc and I took the standoffs from that and now I will rebuild my pc and see how it goes, also the graphics card is a bit loose in the pcie slot which could also be the problem I will correct all these things with in the next few hours and I'll get back to you guys. If you know the solution anyway please post it down below.
  3. I find it odd that nothing would show up on screen when you plugged it into the MB graphics, are you getting any beeps when first powering on? Also do you have both motherboard power cables plugged in? The 24 and the 8 pin? If your cable is a 22+4 cable (the 4 part is separated from the other 20) make sure that you place the 4 underneath the 24 before plugging in as there are "lips" that will hold the 4 in place.
  4. I heard no beeps at all, despite all the fans running and the case being open I can hardly hear any noise from my pc, but at the start I did have a bit of a problem, but it was just the 24 pin and 8 pin disconnected from the PSU. I fixed it and it power on shortly. Then I just kept getting that text on the screen talking about my PCIE cables. So I went over to my graphics and pushed them in harder, still seemed kind of loose. I tryed a few more times and then I switched the cable to the MB without taking out the graphics, and just nothing displayed on the screen.
  5. I assume it is an HDMI cable from the MB to the monitor, is the monitor set to auto detect? Is the CPU properly seated in the motherboard?
  6. did you plug the PSU into the gpu, and make sure its the right cables, if it is all hooked up right then maybe your psu isnt strong enough or faulty.
  7. No my monitor is only 1600x900 and I used that small pyramid with the top cut off looking connector and when I connected through my graphics card I used that little white white display converter thing that comes with the graphics. I have 1920x1080 monitor coming tomorrow I guess I could try on my sitting room HD tv, could that be the problem?
  8. Okay I fixed it, bascily re-building my whole pc sorted it out, installed windows and now downloading all the drivers, thanks for the help btw.
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