You may be a victim of software counterfeiting for google, bing and youtube

I tried to install a game, but the antivirus and firewall were not allowing it to install some fils so i turned everything off and the next moment i am seeing that is redirected to some fake page saying you might be a victim. My win8 is genuine and updated too. I scanned the whole PC for malwares but no luck. Other websites work very fine... except google, youtube and bing for all browsers. even gmail works. Bing opens and gives results when searched with win8 app for seach. With browsers, it's a no show. Please help. Thank you!
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  1. What application did you use to scan for malware?
  2. dont turn your firewall off, just set it to allow it passses through for games. Check proxy setting and i assume u use chrome? get adblocker. ever tried avg?
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    For malware scans, I use and recommend Malwarebytes. Get the free version here:

    Install, update, and run a full scan. Remove all it finds.
  4. Thank you all! Sorry for late reply. I used avast ( i know, not a smart move ) and found no results after a thorough system scan. I'll check on malwarebytes and report asap. Cheers
  5. Hi there. Just ran a full scan with updated malwarebytes app and no luck with the problem, even though the app removed 15 malwares from pc. One additional thing i forgot to mention- when i search anything directly from the address bar of chrome, the victim page doesn't open. instead it shows "" SSL CONNECTION ERROR ""
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