System lag since upgrading to GTX 650 Zotac AMP! Edition

I have a system lagging since upgrading my GPU from GeForce Pixelview GT440 to GeForce GTX 650 Zotac AMP! Edition (i overclocked it a little). Whenever i try to play games, it loads the game really slow, the sound and dialog is late and animations freezes (i can still move and something but somewhere around me just freezes), the graphics loads really slow, like sometimes there is no floor and i fall into nothing in the game. and if i play online, (example: Warface, Battlefield 4, etc.) my pc is really lagging, sometimes it freezes unpredictably and then my pc makes like a speeding sound, after the sound is over, it unfreezes. and then sometimes it freezes again, and the sound again, and unfreezes again. the freeze-sound-unfreeze thing often show up when i turned on my pc, trying to load a video in youtube (after i can watch the video, its fine), and even when i opening a simple folder of hardware monitoring software. the FPS rate is fine, i can get 35-45+ FPS when playing BF4 at high-maxed (only effects quality is medium)

Here is my PC Specifications:

MB : ECS H61H2-M12
CPU : Intel Core i3-2120 3.30Ghz
GPU : GTX 650 Zotac AMP! Edition 2048Mb GDDR5
HDD : Seagate Barracuda ST3250318AS 250 GB
OS : Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit
PSU : Simbadda 380W
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    power supply is too weak. check here:

    recommends at least 400W. If you could look at your PSU and tell me what the continuous 12V amperage rating is I could confirm...
  2. +12V with 14A amperage rating, i guess a 500W+ will do.
  3. Yeah, 20 amps is really the minimum you would want on the 12V rail. More is better.
  4. will a Corsair VS450/VS550 do the job? or 475w Cooler Master, or even a Thermaltake LitePower 500w?
  5. go for the cx430 instead of the vs450, it has better quality capacitors.
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