AMD 7770 infinity. I cannot get three monitors to work.

I have Display port, DVI and HDMI. I can only get two too work. Seriously I have have been trying for a very long time.

I have a duel DVI cable, DP-DVI, VGA-DVI, DVI-HDMI and tried them all and still cannot get it to work.

Could really use some help
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  1. To get that to work you will need an ACTIVE DP TO DVI adapter.

    And I think you mean Eyefinity...
    But the card is not that strong to get you to game on an Eyefinity setup..... You will although be able to run 3 monitors... but....
  2. Hi

    I have DP to DVI.

    I can only get two to work, HDMI and DVI, Not the active display one.
  3. Best answer
    AMD cards of that gen support a maximum of two non-displayport monitors. You need either:
    1) A displayport monitor, connected using a standard DP to DP cable OR
    2) An "ACTIVE" Displayport adapter (DP to DVI, or HDMI, whatever). It's the "ACTIVE" bit that's important, if you have a standard passive adapter it will work, but will only output to two monitors at a time.

    Something like this will solve your problem:
  4. your link shows me this "We have found 0 items that match "14-999-03".

    So this is no good ?
  5. You're right, bad link... try this:

    The behaviour you've described (only being able to connect two monitors) matches exactly what happens if you don't have an ACTIVE adapter. So I'm guessing, like alyshka said too, that you have a standard passive adapter. That's why you can't enable 3. If it was an active adapter, you could output to three monitors... Sorry mate, like we said, you either need a DP monitor or an active adapter.
  6. Cheers friends.

    I'm super impressed with the quick replies here. Of to buy Active DP.
  7. One more question?
    How can I tell the difference between active DP and the one I bought, all looks the same to me?
  8. The Active one has ACTIVE written on it's label. Plus, there is a list of Active DP adapters that are compatible with AMD cards listed on the AMD website, before you go and buy anything else you need to check that out and see if the ones you're getting are active or not, compatible or not.
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