Help! CPU FAN ERROR on startup! How to fix?

Hello guys,
i've got a CPU error again last time it fixed when we buy new CPU Fan and today i've got the error again (I play CS-Portable Today then i exit full screen then it hang then i turn off and turn on the Apdator.) but i look at the fan and nothing bad! i download SpeedFan then i check the temperature then i see this:

System: 47C (Good)
CPU:46C (Good)
AUX:127C (Overheat?)
HD0:40C (Good)
CPU:45C (Good)
Core0:39C (Good)
Core1:39C (Good)

What im gonna to do now???
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  1. Is the speed of the CPU fan below some threshold set in the BIOS? Lowering the threshold may be possible (as long as you're certain the fan is working), or better, raise the minimum fan duty cycle so it runs faster. For example, if your BIOS has a scale of 1-9 (+ full on) for the fan, and you have its target speed set to "4," try setting it to "5" or "6."
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