Is it posible to run two monitors on separete graphic cards? HD 7790/On-Board

As the tilte says im asking for some help figuring out this.

I have an asus radeon hd 7790 2gb and i have an onboard graphic card.

Mother Board - M4A88T-M/USB3

So i've tried to do the IGFX Multi Monitor command line in bios set up but then i can only see the monitor that is connected to the motherboard.

I'm strugling to find a solution how do i work this out.

One last thing. I am not that experienced with computers.

I will be waiting for replies.
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  1. No, just no.
  2. ok just so you know when you connect more than one monitor you connect them to the same gpu and in your case the 7990 and never the igpu
  3. I don't know if it works with an APU but I have a 7770 in my PC at work and I run two monitors off the GPU and one off the iGPU on my i5. I could also run an additional monitor on my iGPU if I wanted. Because my work PC came from Dell I don't believe the iGPU drivers were installed, I had to install them and then I was able to run monitors off it and my discreet card.
  4. So is it posible to run it ? can i get some guidance
  5. Is there a reason though you do not want to use the GPU? With only 2 monitors you only need to use the GPU. Make sure you installed your drivers.
  6. Well its kind of complicated.

    Lets start well my hd 7790 has one dvi dp and hdmi

    led 24" has hdmi and dvi i am having dvi cause hdmi looks shit tbh and the second one has either vga or dvi
    since i only have one dvi and none vga + hdmi is horible i though i could use the on board one for the second monitor.

    Could you maby give me steps on how to do it ?
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