How can I tell if I have the original cpu in my motherboard, fear of tampering.

Hi guys for some time know I've been wondering why y PC has been running so poorly. first of all the guy who supposedly had fixed my PC, has made numerous attempts and like a green faced person I had no reason to think of tampering, until I found out that my memory chips had been swapped from 512, down to 256, also I'm wondering if my PU has been swapped any way I can check, because I've been getting error notices.
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  1. what notices do you get? Are you sure your ram is swapped to 256mb?
  2. Sorry if I haven't been clear enough, I'm back on 512ram, and I'm pretty sure that's not the problem. The problem I have is it's constantly not responding, running slow, crashing, then a blue screen comes up saying windows has terminated the program to stop further damage to the PC, remove any newly installed programmes ,hardware etc,. I know I'ts nothing to do with viruses, or newly things added because I have not done this. Then it say's KERNAL STAK INPAGE ERROR, with the things mentioned and it tells me to go into BIOS, to unselect some memory called caushing or something similar, not sure about the spelling. Then at the end of the blue screen that say's KERNAL STAK INPAGE ERROR, at the very bottom says Beginning dump of physical memory 0x00000077 (0x0000000E,0x000000000/ 0X013E8000), then a black screen s on asking me to try re-install windows I think, .Ive had the XP program reinstalled numerous times and I just end up with the same thing over and over, and now I've given my PC to another guy who has my back up I think again because when I put my CD ROM XP disc in it just say's disc boot failure. Ive also ran it in safe mode and I get this error number on the same screen it will not even let me de-frag, I can type the other number if u need it,. many thanks.
  3. could be your system just getting old, sometime thing break.
  4. well it is old 98-2000 Pentium 4 processor its a good PC and don't want to let go of it, am sure it can be fixed
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