H60 for Intel 4670K Overclocked to 3.8 or 4.2 ghz

Hey guys, I am planning a purchase for Intel 4670K and will be going for minor OC to 3.8-4.2 ghz in the short term (this is my first build and will not be testing any hardcore OC until I get a good sense of computers).

With this build I am very much looking forward to getting a liquid cooler - particularly Corsair H60 (@ $55). I have read a lot of comments online that H60 (H55) is a piece of garbage (no offence) and that it is worth investing more to go for H80i or H100i instead. Now that is a little too much for the budget so I am wondering if H60 will be good enough for my 4670K OC'ed to 3.8-4.2ghz.

Building a quiet PC is one of the merits I am looking for, hence the liquid cooler over air such as evo 212. If you have any other suggestions for liquid cooling that can handle my spec, please post them up. I will follow them all carefully.

Thanks for all your comments in advance guys!
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    Yes, it will certainly be able to handle it. That is almost within the range of the turbo boost that is already on your processor, so it's no big deal.
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