Does this psu work with this graphics card?

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  1. 600w will be okay, but i'd recommend upping to a 650 or 700w. XFX, Corsair, or Seasonic are great! atleast 80+ Bronze!
  2. Thanks for reply, but are the power connectors ok? the card requires 1x6pin and 1x8pin?
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    1 x 24-Pin Motherboard connector (500mm)
    1 x 8 / 4-Pin EPS / ATX 12V connector (550mm)
    1 x 8/6-Pin PCIE connector (500mm)
    3 x 6-Pin PCIE connector (500mm / 150mm)
    6 x SATA connector (500mm / 150mm / 150mm)
    3 x 4-Pin Peripheral connector (500mm / 150mm / 150mm)
    1 x 4-Pin Floppy connector (500mm / 150mm / 150mm / 150mm)
    From SilverStone's website here :

    1x8 pin connector will be your 8 and the 3 x 6 means you'll have 3 six pin connectors. You'll be completely fine.
  4. Ok thank you! :)
  5. xTizERx said:
    Ok thank you! :)

    No problem :) enjoy your build!
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