Does a desktop processor lose ability after 3 or 4 years of using?

I have an intel core 2 duo e8400 running at 3.0ghz, it is almost 4 years old. My friend says that i shoul replace my processor, but i can not notice any performance degradation.
So, i want to know is my too old?
Can it run like new?
(I know it's a foolish question but please reply me!!)
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  1. depends on the kinds of applications your running a lot of programs are utilizing up to 4 cores if your just using it to surf the net and internet apps then it should be fine. I would be cautious of applications that say they can increase the performance of your computer as your processor and system hardware have predetermined operating performance. things you can do to speed up your computer with out upgrading your processor which have a major impact on performance would be adding an SSD drive which will make your computer noticeably more responsive. and applications will load faster. how ever if your planning on gaming or something like that that processor more then likely wont be able to handle any newer titles.
  2. Unless it is physically damaged, it will always run as it did on the day is was manufactured.

    Excess heat (overclocking, or bad airflow for example) will cause any chip (even a new one) to throttle itself down to avoid damage. Over time that heat could lead to a shorter lifespan.
  3. If it's doing what you need it to do then there's no need to upgrade.
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    It is only too old if it cannot do what you want it to do with regards to newer programs and games. If it is just a system used for web browsing, email, office apps, facebook, ect, then your system is still just fine.
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