i've AMD FX 8320 and Corsair 600W GS PSU with ASUS M5A78l-MLX V2 Motherboard.i've amd stock cooler. is this config fit for O.C

i've the above configuration am i supposed to overclock the processor? if not could i overclock it to a cetrain speed like 3.5 to 4.5 ghz? which is stable overclocking speed for my processor at this conditon. Could i use core unlocker facility from my mother board?
please replay me as soon as possible...
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  1. no dont use core unlocker and amd's stock cooler is not recommended for overclocking
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    DO NOT OVERCLOCK on that motherboard. It can barely handle a stock AMD FX8320, overclocking it will likely cause damage.

    Stick to stock.
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