what would be a good 800w psu under £80 and modular

i have a amd fx8320
amd HD 7870 Ghz
8gb ram
M5A97 motherboard
citi mars computer case
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  1. I'd recommend the Corsair HX 850W. It's showing $129.99 here in the US so I think it's pretty close to your price line. I have the 750W version and I've been completely happy with it.
  2. You won't be able to get a fully modular PSU for under £80. Cheapest is the Corsair RM850 which is a great PSU. 800W is overkill for this type of build anyway so I would recommend the RM550 - fully modular and it stays in the original £80 budget. http://www.uk.pcpartpicker.com/part/corsair-power-supply-rm550
  3. thanks! i will get a Corsair HX 850W probably because it will be upgraded and i will be getting crossfire and an extra 8gb ram for editing!!
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