GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) - Upgrade or second card?

I've been using the GTX560 Ti for a couple years and want to start looking at upgrades. I got a second monitor, and it seems pretty obvious this card can't do much with 2 monitors running at once. Is it worth finding a second card to dedicate a 2nd monitor to (if so, recommendations are appreciated), or should I just upgrade the one card?
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  1. I would recommend an upgrade.

    What are the rest your your computer specs??
  2. This is based on what I see , not written in stone or anything, but if I owned one of those cards that was two yrs old I would upgrade it and sell the old one on ebay with a short returns window. If you buy another you will have TWO old cards in the box as i doubt you will find a new one.
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    I just upgraded from two overclocked 560's in SLI to a single 780.

    The 560's were overclocked to where a single card could match a ti in bench marks. (So I assume two at the same speed would match SLI ti's)

    The 780 is much smoother than my SLI rig was and can handle higher game settings than the SLI rig did. I can now play Crysis 3 maxed out on a single 1080p monitor. It was a slide show at max settings with my SLI setup.
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