battlefield 4 setup recommendations?

Hey! so heres my current setup.
intel i7 2600k 3.3Ghz 8mb cache
nvidia gtx 550 ti 1gb
10gb ram, around 1333mhz (i think)
1tb hard drive, if it makes a difference.

on battlefield 4, as of now, i play on low settings and only get between 20-30 fps. i have about $300, and i want to use it to improve my bf4 experience. my question is what should i upgrade on my comp first? ive seen people playing with a 550 ti and play on medium to high at 30fps, so why arent I? should i upgrade my processor? any help or recommendations would be really greatly appreciated.

p.s one thing to note, my psu only has 1 6-pin connector so if i want to upgrade my gpu to anything more than a 660, id have to buy a now power supply as well.

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  1. how in the world do you have 10GB of ram? an i7 chip functions on a p67 or z68 chipset in general, with dual channel memory typically supporting 4 memory slots. you generally get 4, 8, or 16 GB of ram depending on the modules you buy... 5GB or 2.5GB modules simply do not exist...

    aside from that, you need a beefy GPU to play bf4 on high settings. and that's really the only thing holding you back. what is your monitor resolution and your preferred/target gaming settings? with those we can work on an upgrade plan for you (I'm thinking R9 270 with a new PSU or something like that)
  2. You need to upgrade the gpu, everthing else is fine with an exception for the power supply
    Get a gtx 760 or and r9 280x


    i found this on ebay-
  3. Thanks. and ya its not a custom built pc. it does have the 4 ram slots but its a 2gb x3, then a 4gb. weird huh? and so the 2600k i7 is fine? thanks! again :P
  4. You don't need to upgrade CPU. GPU can be upgraded, though. For $300, you can get GTX 760, and will get much better performance. Also, depending on the PSU's power, you can utilize unused SATA power for PCI-E power using adapter. Just google it.
  5. Have you thought about SLI? I would think it would almost double your FPS. And cost would be minimal.

    If you do SLI be sure and put the one with the most ram as your main card Ex. the one in the link is 2GB.

  6. if i could cough up something like $350, how would this workout?

    and maybe something like this?
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    plumguy1 said:
    if i could cough up something like $350, how would this workout?

    and maybe something like this?

    that's a great combo and would do wonders to your BF4 performance. As for the PSU, I would get this instead:
  8. awesome! thanks!
  9. if anyone will still check this post, i just got the gpu and psu. i installed the new psu but left the graphics card, sort of as a bench mark to make sure everything was working, and it did. but then, when i tried to install the new graphics card, it freezes as soon as it starts. the computer is an hp and when i boot it up with the new graphics card, it gets stuck on the very first screen where it says "press esc for startup menu" but when i put the old graphics card back in, it stills works. also, with the new one, it freezes on that screen, then beeps a few times (single beeps) then a few minutes later, it makes a quick beep then a slightly longer beep, then the display turns off but the fans are still going. help?? PLEASEE
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