HP 110-023W, Please help with any/all upgrade options.

I just purchased this combo system from Walmart and noticed it has onboard Intel graphics (which is what I wanted so I can purchase a graphics card in the future.)

Is there anyone that can help me know what if any upgrades are available for this system?
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  1. Take it back to Wal-Mart and get your money back. That system's motherboard does not have any expansion slots for a graphics card at a later date and, unless the specs are incorrect, it only has a 90 watt external power supply.

    found specs

    -Wolf sends
  2. That sucks. Walmart is about 10 miles away so I have to make a special trip back into town then. =\
  3. Okay, can you please tell me how I would go about choosing a proper motherboard and PSU?

    I guess I'm going to keep everything I have and just upgrade the mobo, PSU and eventually in the future the graphics card.
  4. I really, really need your help lol. I may have found something that works?

    That motherboard accepts the same CPU as the one that came in my system. Is that kosher?
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    Yes, that's ok, but it means a complete rebuild of your computer and you'd need to also purchase a new copy of Windows for installation. What you need to look for in a new computer are the computer specs where is says expansion slots. The computer should have at least 1 PCI-Ex16 expansion (or graphic card) slot.

    Looking at Walmart descriptions, expansion slots are listed in the, "Additional Features" section and listed like the following example:

    3 x PCI Express (x1) slots, 1 x PCI Express (x16) slot, 1 x PCI Express (x1) mini socket slot

    -Wolf sends
  6. Wolf, I really appreciate it. :) After 8 years Army I'm going to college for Web Design now and while the specifications have changed since the 90's (ATX & AGP was only real option) I feel like an idgit sometimes.

    I went to newegg, and found some stuff. :) Going to be using the rest of the interals in my new system to include this monitor. :)
  7. I just recently bought the same PC as well, "HP 110-023W" and am looking to upgrade the motherboard due to the stock one being pretty much worthless towards upgrading. I'm just wondering what you ended up doing with yours? I've looked around on newegg for a new motherboard but unsure what would work the best with this system.
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