Question about Correct SSD RAID0 Setup for Editing

Hello beautiful people of the interwebs!

Quick question here.

Current Setup:

1 x Corsair Force 3 SSD 250GB (OS, programs installed, 2 partitions)

Upgraded Setup:

1 x Corsair Force 3 SSD 250GB
2 x Samsung 840 EVO SSD 250GB (Will be a RAID0 Array)

My Question:

I am doing this upgrade to increase rendering speed in sony vegas and other editing programs.
Shall I Clone the data from the Corsair SSD to the new RAID0 Samsung SSDs (Thats including the sony vegas installed on that), I assume this will boost OS speed, programs, games, etc.
If I use the above method, I would probably use the Corsair Force 3 SSD to have the Video Footage saved, but would that eliminate the speed benefit (as it uses the files from the single SSD)??

Option 2:

I keep the current OS and programs and everything on the Corsair SSD and simply use the RAID0 setup to save the video files, to be used in Sony Vegas that is installed on the Single Corsair SSD. So it can essentially load the videos as fast as possible from the RAID0.

Option 2b:
I keep the Samsung SSDs as extra storage and only install Sony Vegas on it. should Editing Software be installed on the same drive that also holds the Video footage?

Bit lost here, anyone know the answer ?

Thank you lots !!
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