Best RAM for the i5 3470K? (Corsair vs GSKILL)

I am currently looking into replacing my one stick of off-brand ram. According to a couple of programs including ROCCAT Power grid, my ram is bottle-necking my PC while gaming. These are my current specs, my computer was built by me, so I know how to install it.

CPU: Intel i5 3470K (4 Cores, 3.3GHZ, not OC'd)
GPU: GIGABYTE Radeon HD 7870 (2GB DDR5, 1100MHZ?, not OC'd)
RAM: ??? (4GB, 1333MHZ, no features (Ex: Heat disperse)
MB: MSI B75ma-p45 (Can support up to 1600 mhz, 16gb)
PSU: Corsair cX600 (600w)
Case: NZXT Source 220

I do want to go with the 1600MHZ ram and would probably want to go up to only 8gb. My budget is also rather low ($80-90ish). Right now I am torn between the corsair vengeance kits, and the Gskill Ripjaws. Is there one that tops the other? Is there a better option that I missed? Let me know.

Thank you for your time.

Edit: I have plenty of room in the case for tall RAM, which is why I included the case in the specs.
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    Gskill is the way to go..even though they are a tad bit pricey..they are shorter allowing room for a cpu cooler
  2. Not sure about the Ripjaws, but speaking from experience, the standard Corsair Vengeance heatspreaders are tall enough to cause issues with tower-style heatsinks (CM Hyper 212 and similar) if the memory slots are close enough to the CPU socket. If you have one of those CPU coolers, I'd look for something with low-profile heatspreaders, or even no heatspreaders.

  3. 4gb isn't much today, and if you open up your computer and find only one stick there than it's also working in single-channel, which is far from ideal.

    Regarding the memory recommendation - G.Skill and Corsair are equally good.

    I assume you don't plan to overclock your memory, so I would search for the cheapest one made by a reputable brand (Kingston and Crucial are also great) and with the shortest heatsink.

    Also make sure to get dual channel kit, meaning if you're planning to go with 8gb you should get a 2x4gb kit (2 sticks of ram with 4gb each) and place them in the correct dimms on your motherboard (in your case it's the 2 black ones).
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