toshiba smart tv won't connect to wireless internet

I have a Toshiba smart TV that was connected to the internet at one time. I switched providers, couldn't get anything in my house to connect, then switched back to the original provider. Ever since the switch, the TV is the only device that won't connect. I have a Netgear router that is password protected, and every time I try connecting I input the exact password. I can sit in the same room as the TV and my laptop, phone and iPod connect with no problem. The router is in the next room, approximately 15-20 feet away.

When I do the Assisted setup, my wifi shows up in the list, but says there is a medium signal. Once I put in the password, it takes approximately 2 minutes then says it couldn't connect.

I've tried the manual set up, as well, but I'm not certain I'm choosing the right options for Authentication and Encryption.

Any suggestions?? I'm not super tech savvy, but can figure out the basics. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. is there a way to reset the wifi config like reset to default on your tv?
    try resetting the TV to manufacture defaults and try again.
    wifi adapter on your tv may have issues obtaining dhcp...
  2. I just reset the TV and it still won't connect. It says to check the AP configuration and try again. How do I do that?
  3. reset your router / or an access point if you have it.
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    you should probably start by finding the default ip and access password for your router and open it in a computer browser and check the settings inside ... there you can usually see the devices connected to it etc... try to figure out something from in there, then again you might want to consult the manual of the router if you are not tech savvy... alot of different connection settings in there,
    and as a strong recommendation - do not use the wifi on the tv at all - connect via lan cable if you have that option, everything will work much better than with the wifi...
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