Windows 8 on a sabertooth x79 and windows 8 hangs up on start. BSOD on revovery disk and windows 8 install disk

Running windows 8 on a sabertooth x79 and windows 8 hangs up on start. I just get the square.
I tried recovery disk but I get bsod and sad face, flashes to quick to see code. Windows 8 install disk does the same. Any Ideas?
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    Use one stick of ram at a time and see if that give any results.
  2. Well it had something to do with the ssd drive. I used an old windows xp disk and from that code and some searching on the web it pointed to the boot drive. I unhooked the ssd drive (my boot drive) and started the recovery disk. After recovery disk came up with options I reconnected the ssd drive and then went into the command line to refresh the drive list (the ssd drive was not showing up after reconnecting) and I got the drive to display. After I got the drive to display I used my image file to re-image the ssd boot drive and the computer is now working.
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