CF sapphire 7870 oc ghz or no

I was wondering if i should cross fire 2 sapphire 7870 oc ghz edition cards or just stick with the 1 card or get a newer card?

Also i am wondering what kinda of gains i will get with running 2 of these ?
my P score for with 3d mark 11 on the 1 card on the performance setting was 8209, thats with overclocking the cpu and gpu tho.

System info::
Good Mid tower case with lots of fan space

CPU: AMD FX 8350 unlocked 8 core running at 4519.81ghz

Power supply:700watt sli/cf ready

MoBo : Giggabte GA-990FXA-UD3 rev. 4.0

g-skill 8 gb ddr3 1600 ram

windows 7 64bit

thanks for the imput
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  1. Adding a second 7870 would be a big boost in GPU power. Not quite 2x, but close.
  2. I would just stick with the single card. I have the same one and other than BF4 I've been able to max everything just fine.
  3. forgot to add i am trying to prepare for some of the lastest games that are comming out in the next 2 years like star citizen for example. Im happy to here about the big gains tho .
  4. Two in Xfire would cost you about $300 (assuming you don't have one already), in which you could get a better single card allowing you to crossfire it in the future. Something like this would be more viable for future-proofing:
  5. yah i already have 1 of the cards, i really want the new 290x but probably wont have the cash, i can get another 7870 same one for 169.00 and if the perfomance gains will be nearly double what it has now then that would be amazing . i could awalys sell the cards off when they start under performing and upgrade.. At least this is my thinking, still asking that people throw up there personal recommendations

    But what i really want to know is will the performance gains be worth the 169.00 i would say i would need to at least get a p score of 12000 for it to be worth crossfiring them. becasuse if its anything less then that it would be less then a 50% gain which i think would not be a cost effective or smart decision on my part.
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    If you already have one, then you will benefit from the second card. Two 7870s perform a bit better than a single 7970/280X.
  7. card just went on sale on new egg for 144.99 with 15 dollar mail in rebate so , bought it . 1 card yeilded me a 8450 3dmark 11 score i will see what we get with 2 and update
  8. Well got the second card in scored a 12632 with a mild over clock . so 2 sapphire 7870's in cross fire expect to score no less then a 12k on the 3d mark 11 performance test assuming you have a stout cpu cause that will bring your over all score down if its not up to par
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