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I have a pentium d 925 3.0 GHz processor with 4 gb RAM and 8400gs 512 mb. I am going to buy a HD6670 or HD 6570. will this upgrade improve performance on new games like assassins creed 4 or arkham origins. i play games on 1024 x 768 or 1280 x 720 resolutions. THANXXX.

Guys.. my mobo has 1.1 X 16 pci-e slot. MY PC is of lenovo 3000h series bought back in 2007. since then, I have added 4 gb ram and removed 512 mb memory stick . if not hd 6570, a gt 630 or 620 will also work for me.. THANK YOU... With my current pc, i can play arkham origins at 20 fps wth lowset settings..
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    you may have issues with the motherboard, some older chip sets had a limitation on size of video card memory allowed, you may be limited to 512mb video cards only, 1Gb cards may work, but a new card will be very slow if it works as the older boards use PCI-Ex 1.0 or 1.1, and the new cards are PCI-Ex 2.1 or 3.0, so if it runs, its at half to a quarter speed in bandwidth or may not function at all, you would need to go to motherboard manufacturers website to find out compatibility issues with newer cards with present mobo
  2. Nothing wrong with PCIe1.1x16 for a low-end GPU.

    However, your CPU is pretty old, slow, and power-hungry. You might be better off looking at a new MB/CPU too, or going for an APU.
  3. What motherboard do you have?
    My parent's system is running on a socket 775 Pentium Dual Core, a Intel 945P chipset motherboard, with 4GB DDR2, and can run a HD6790 1GB video card with no problems.
  4. like i said, chip set, i had a socket 775 with an 865p chipset and a pentium 820d with a BFG 6800GT OC a while back, had AGP port (no PCI-Ex), worked great, couldn't update though, so built all new system
  5. my mobo has 1.1 x16 pci-e slot. it is a lenovo 300h pc that came with 512 mb ram and windows xp bought back in 2007. with 4 gb ram and 8400gs added to it, i can play arkham origins at 15-20 fps.
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