Need advice on an Intel MoBo.

I'm looking at buying a H81M version of the Intel 1150 socket Mobo and was wondering........

I know this Mobo cannot OC a K version processor but will it be able to OC my RAM?

I have a Crucial Elite RAM 8GB which runs at 1800mhz but you have to load up this speed through the Bios as it comes stock at either 1300 or 1600mhz until you amend it.

Will this Mobo be able to do that?


EDIT: Actually my apologies I just needed to check the support RAM listing on the product description page so please ignore this.
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  1. I know that's what I went and looked at on the product page.

    I was thinking of trying to get a bargain as the H8's are half the price of a z87 but my Crucial Elite's actually go to 1866mhz so I have to get the z87 because the other Intel mobo's don't support it.

    Intel's nice little way of corralling people into buying the more expensive OC'ing hardware whether you want to or not.
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