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so I bought some new parts, got them together and I'm starting to be pretty desperate.
I have a new monitor (I used it already and I know, it works). I have connected monitor and PC through HDMI cable and I tried almost everything and nothing happened. Simply nothing on screen. I tried paper clip test and it was OK. I tried every RAM stick in every slot, nothing. First I had new SSD and HDD and DVD drive connected and then I disconnected them (just to see, if it helps) and nothing. I am not listing them here, because I don't think, it is important.

I have no speaker, MB doesn't have on, case doesn't have on and I didn't even get one, so if it beeps, I have no way to figure out.

I'd me much obliged, if you could help me somehow and please, forgive my crappy english.

Case: BitFenix Merc Alpha (so standoffs are not needed)
MB: Gigabyte GA-H77-D3H
CPU: Intel Core i5-3350P (no integrated GPU)
RAM: Kingston HyperX Blu 2x4GB
GPU: Gigabyte R9 270x
PSU: S12II 620W
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  1. Do you have the monitor connected to the GPU or motherboard?
  2. GPU.
  3. I already did everything I could from that thread.
  4. Have you gone through that list and check every single thing off?

    Does the computer run fine and just not give a display? Do all the fans turn? GPU/CPU?
  5. Exactly. CPU fan, GPU fan, blue case LED, one case fan (I have only one) turn on, everything looks great except the screen.
  6. Is the monitor set to HDMI?
  7. Dear sir, would you be so kind and shoot me in my fucking stupid head? It took me FIVE FREAKIN' HOURS TO FIGURE THIS CRAP OUT!
    Thank you very much, you are AMAZING! Monitor wasn't set to HDMI. :)
  8. Believe it or not, this is usually the problem. Glad I could help!
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