How does PSN and Xbox Live networks keep their access limited?

I am doing some research, and I was wondering how do console systems keep their gaming networks seperate from pc users? Is there a way that you can use your pc to play on psn or xbox live? I've heard of orbis, freebsd, and dnla....I just can't seem to wrap me head around how they manage to keep the systems from talking to eachother....
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  1. The only thing i'm seeing in wireshark is arp, so id like to know as well. :D
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    I imagine hardware and software compatibility plays a fair part in keeping them separate, the X360 and PS3 are fairly different to PC's and each other in a lot of ways. Keeping the consoles separate from each other would be easy, its not like you can put in an IP Address manually when you want to find a server. PC's to console servers, probably by use of a firewall or proxy, since you aren't connecting through PSN/Live matchmaking its rejected, coupled with plain incompatibility.

    Using a PC to play on console networks, I imagine to do so you would need to emulate the consoles, which is basically mimicking its hardware and OS, and hope that it works. Though I think if you tried this you would set off whatever anti-cheat protections are on the server.
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