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I want to buy a pci-e graphics card to put in a system I will build next year but needs to fit in old pc. The problem is it needs to be 7" long max and fit in a single slot in current pc. I cant afford to build whole PC right now but I can get any/best card that will fit. Thank you to who ever is willing to help me out with recomendaton.
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  2. From the past is Saphire still better than PowerColor on this card? I like this solution but was wondering if Nvidia has a card as good? Thank you very much for the info so far :)
  3. Sapphire is generally a better brand than Powercolor, and Nvidia doesn't have a card on the same level with the same amount of power consumption, the GTX 650 in most cases still requires a 6 pin PCI-E connector and the ones which don't are underclocked and expensive
  4. Last question...I really like your suggestion of the saphire 7750 card and I cant tell if it will work on my dimmension e521 del pc with a motherboard : asus m2n61-ax?
  5. It should work as long as the motherboard has a PCI-Express x16 slot

    I'd also take a look inside at the PSU sticker and make sure that it has more than 16A on the +12v rail

    Otherwise you'd have to opt for a much weaker Radeon 6450 or a similar level card
  6. I think the sapphire 7750 is thebest but new egg was out of stock so going with: GIGABYTE GV-N640D5-1GL GeForce GT 640 1GB 64-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 HDCP Ready Low Profile Video Card for $69.99 after rebate. Is this just as good for the money?
  7. The GT 640 performs just about the same as the 6670 which is a tier below the 7750

    The 640 also requires slightly more power than the 7750

    It's not the worst card out there but it'd be best to go for a better card for your new build next year

    This slightly slower 7750 with GDDR3 is single slot, which should be fine as long as your system uses full height brackets
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