Pentium ivy bridge/haswell video editing?

as the title states, how would a pentium g3220 or g2020 perform in video editing?
I'll be using adobe premiere and after effects. Approximately how long will it take to render 720p videos (say maybe a 5 min video with very few effects)?
Will adding a Budget GPU like Radeon 7750/7770 increase my performance and decrease rendering times?

Thanks in Advance :D
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  1. Bump?
  2. They will work... but obviously not very well. Any video card will help out, but you need more cores too. Do you own anything already or are you looking to build/buy?

    What would your budget be? An A10-5800k/6800k would be decent for you.
  3. If you do go the pentium route definatly get the haswell pentium, but i would suggest a minimium of and I3 if I were going to do editing.
  4. I ain't building right now, but will do so soon... I have already figured out the other parts i need.
    Okay but how is i5 Haswell vs Fx 6300 in terms on video editing?
    If you can, please give an example of the rendering time you get on an i5 and Fx 6300.

    Thanks :)
  5. The FX 6300 is a great value at $119. I wouldn't even consider paying $60-90 more for an i5. The FX 8320 is usually around $150-160 though and would be really good.

    I'm sorry. I cannot offer you time examples.
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    Time examples depend more on the rest of the system than just the CPU. but here is a decent encoding benchmark for different processors,16.html
  7. Thanks so much for your answers people :)
    I guess I'll go for a i5 (try to save up some money or maybe buy a used one)

    Thanks Again :D
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