ASUS gtx 650 ti vs Sapphire radeon hd 7770 vapor-x

HI guys i wanna ask u all about which of those 2 cards performs better IN MINECRAFT? i have a 1366x768 monitor a intel core i5 3470 8gb gskillz ripjaws ram 1tb wd HD win 7 home premium and a asus p8z77v-lx motherboard i would lik eto ask is thew parts all compatible and which card :gtx 650 ti or hd 7770 has more fps in minecraft thx guys
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    I couldn't find benchmarks, however:

    a) either card should get over 60FPS anyway (you should run capped at 60FPS VSYNC ON).

    b) performance is probably similar to OTHER game benchmarks

    c) are these cards comparable? Isn't the 650Ti a better card that costs more?

    A good HD7770 1GB costs $80:

    A good GTX650Ti 1GB costs $110:

    Get the BEST card you can afford, and make sure your POWER SUPPLY has the proper 6-pin connection.

    If you have 64-bit Windows (I assume so with 8GB of RAM) then my advice is get 2GB of Video RAM:

    *There's some information out there that says you can force Minecraft to use more Video RAM than 1GB which should then buffer more data and be useful in bigger worlds. I can't verify any of that though.
  2. How would these two compare to a 560 ti just got one for $40
  3. THSNOTLEK said:
    How would these two compare to a 560 ti just got one for $40

    What you are doing is called "hijacking a thread"; it's bad form to jump into someone else's question and ask something.

    To answer your question quickly try "HD7770 benchmarks" in Google and find a benchmark that has the 560Ti and HD7770 and/or 650Ti in the same benchmark.

    Minecraft isn't too demanding so you might run at 60FPS, and if you can't just play with the settings. Just turn VSYNC OFF if possible then tweak until you're always above 60FPS while monitoring with FRAPS. Then turn VSYNC ON again.


    *I believe it's allocating the SYSTEM memory, not VIDEO that's done though someone reported 90% usage of his 1GB of Video RAM. I couldn't verify if anyone used MORE than 1GB.
  4. You already answered his question don't see how I did anything. Sorry Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon.
  5. so between these 2 cards the better the price of it the better the performance sooo gtx 650 ti>hd7770? in minecraft?
  6. Yep that's how it works. A old GT 250 is the equivalent to Radeon HD 7750
  7. In pixel rate the 7770 is better though and for future games like BF4 it will use mantle.
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