First pc build? I chose the wrong motherboard. Would it work?

Hello community!

Yesterday I purchased a bunch of components to build my first budget gaming pc. I don't overclock (except for the gpu a little). And play with a single GPU. (And probably never will go crossfire or sli)

After having ordered all components I realized I ordered the wrong Haswell motherboard. An Asrock B85m. I read that it's supposed to be for businesses which made me scared it will bottleneck or be incompatible with everything else. I chose it based on the amount of USB ports and PCI express 3.0. It was also 20 euro's cheaper than H87m pro 4.

I also read that the B85m does not support SSD caching. I ordered my first SSD with this build. Will it function properly?

My build:

If the link doesn't work:

It's an i5 4570 with cooler master hyper tx3 evo, Asrock B85m, msi R9 270x, Crucial ballistix sport 8gb DDR3-1600, a 120 gb kingston SSD now V300 series and a Be quiet 500W power supply (the correct link is not included in the pc part picker). I would recycle my old HDD.
All of this would have to fit in the Bitfenix Prodigy M case.

I was trying to go for a quiet machine that can play Battlefield 4 at High/Ultra settings on 1080p. I researched everything else really well and made a split second decision on the motherboard which might hopefully didn't ruin my build. Should I send it back and get a new one or will this do fine?

Thank you!
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  1. It should work. If your SSD is the main boot drive, you won't have to worry about SSD caching anyways. You can also usually return parts within so many days. I'd probably return the board and get the other one if it was me.
  2. kristianAA said:
    Mobos dosent effect gameplay performance but they can improve with features that some more expensive mobos come. i might be wrong but as far i can see it is 4+1 phase which arent very good cuz it can get quite hot also your ssd will work but not on its peak perfomance. But if i were you i would try to get refund and get atleast H chipset mobo, if not your mobo will not bottleneck your overall perfomance of pc

    Ok do you have any suggestions for a good mobo? I already send the company a mail telling them I'm returning the mobo.
  3. kristianAA said:

    The Asrock H87mpro 4 seems like the best value for the money. I'm thinking of going with that choice.
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