Computer won't recognise new R9280X video card.

I have tried to upgrade my video card from a Radeon 4870 to a R9280x, but the computer won't recognise it. It attempts to install device drivers on startup, but only for the standard vga graphics adapter. If I plug the old card back in it has no trouble recognising it.

The motherboard is an MSI x58 Pro, with two PCI Express 2.0 x 16 slots. There is power to the new R9280X card - the fans are spinning. But the card does not show up in device manager.

I have uninstalled the old card.
I have tried both PCI slots.

Any suggestions? I'm not much of a techie - I can handle plug and play and lego but thats about it.

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  1. have you tried installing the driver from the disc with the card? the system is recognising it if it tries to install the generic driver. The card is newer than the OS so you have to feed it the new driver.
  2. Yep, tried that. It says "the best driver for your device is already installed". In device manager, under "display adapters" it only lists "standard vgs graphics adapter". Should this not say "Radeon R9280x" or something similiar, if the card is recognised?
  3. ^^ Yeah, it should. Did the driver install from disk actually complete successfully? Try using CCC (catalyst control centre) it should check and update your AMD drivers automatically. If that fails you probably need to check the hardware more closely...

    What is you PSU? I suspect it should be fine if you were running a 4870 (power hungry). but just double check the power connections.
  4. I'm not 100% sure about the driver installation. When i first rebooted after pluggin in the card, it tried to install 3 drivers (not from the cd). The first was the standard VGA graphics adapter (failed), I can't remember the second, and the third was the AMD sound driver (assuming this is linked to the video card?).

    I'm uninstalling all AMD software etc now, and am going to try and start from scratch again. The PSU is Thermaltake toughpower XT 875 W.
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    Yeah, usually the HDMI is linked to a protected audio path thing that will have a separate driver or something. Or it could even be this new sound accelerator thingy that is on the new cards.

    That implies the hardware itself is fine but you have somehow failed the driver installs correctly.
  6. I would firstly update the motherboard to the latest bios as they may be out dated and not recognizing the card and then try to install the card again.
  7. ^^ The MOBO bios has nothing to do with recognising the GPU. The only BIOS setting that could hurt it would be the Base Clock/PCI-E clock. which you really shouldn't fiddle with a lot. Flashing your MOBO BIOS to me is a risky venture (unless you have the tools to recover a botched install) and highly unlikely to help with this problem.
  8. Some of the older motherboards require an updated bios revision to allow some of the newer graphics cards to work properly
  9. ^^ Is this true? I have personally never heard of this before. I know that it is the case with CPU's but I never heard of it for GPU's. Please show me a source for that.
  10. It all depends on the motherboard you use , some do , some don't.
    Have you never seen in a bios update where it allows for compatibility for newer cpu's, memory and gpu's?
  11. well the bios manages the timings for the Memory and CPU clocks etc. So yes with memory and CPU's sure. However the only thing the bios sets for the GPU is the bus. Unless there is a problem with the bus clocks it has no other settings. The Video bios is on the Graphics card.
  12. Its working!! I uninstalled all drivers, hardware and AMD software and then, once the initial, auto-detected driver installation failed, I installed the drivers through device manager from the installation cd. It now shoes up correcty under device manager. Phew.

    Thanks very much for your patience and help, on what must have been some pretty bone questions.
  13. Great stuff, Enjoy your new card! Don't forget to pick what you feel is the best answer.
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