computer case midtower/full tower

specs :
motherboard- asus M4A88T-M/USB3
processor - amd phenom II x4 965
ram - 8gb
os - win 7 64bit bit
graphics card - sapphire 7970ghz vapor x 3gb

psu - cooler master silent pro m2 1000w

im thinking of going for cooler master haf x full tower,but do i really need it ? or any mid tower would do plz help :(
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  1. It's really upto you, personal preference. If it has the feature&looks good? Im quite happy with a mid, but its up to you really.
  2. im just gonna overclock my gpu , will a mid tower be able to handle the temps
  3. If its water cooling or things like h100 you will need to check for support (size, screw holes etc...) If it air cooled alot should be ok, but if you use a big cooler check for depth (a good sign is 140mm exhaust as an eg) It really depends on your budget&what you want/needs (features/window etc...) One very good case thats mid tower but great for water cooling is the arc midi v2, but looks are subjective. Hope that helps
  4. can u suggest me a mid tower case .

    thanks for your help
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  6. i can spend upto 200$
  7. You get pretty much anything you want for that, check out some full towers and see what you think&also youtube, if you want? :P
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