i want to buy a new laptop that last long and should good in performance. Help

i need laptop for just home and college use. multitasking, hd video rending, and a little bit gaming like battlefild 3. please suggest me good among these. limited budget. i am confused in i laptop(factory refurbished) has touch screen and other laptop with same price has no touch screen.
what is the difference, and also which one should i buy? factory refurbished is good or not? please suggest me i like touch screen but confuse in, is factory refurbished laptop last long as new? i want long lasting laptop.

1) dell inspiron 5521(non-touch) $590

4GB ram

500GB Hard

i5 3337 processor

intel hd 4000 + i gb ATi Graphic card

2) dell inspiron 5421(touch)(factory refurbished) $590

6GB ram

750GB hard

i5 3337 processor

intel hd 4000 graphics
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  1. help please
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    Hey I just went through this a few weeks ago with someone but cannot remember which system I suggested to them. I think it was one of these though. They should offer better performance for similar cost.
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