2xWin7 machines, each with NIC and Wireless. Use Nic for File transfer / Wireless for Internet

I could not get the above working last night, im in work now so havn't got the IP's to hand but essencially i wanted to set the wired NIC's to and and when i transfer a file between the two machings i want it to use the 1gig link. Both machines have wifi too so i want each to use their own wifi cards for internet access.

I've tried going into the Advanced Tab in Network connections and changing the order in there, i've also tried removing file sharing from the wireless connection but neith have worked.

At the momen, to use Wifi i need to disable the Nic and to fileshare over th NIc i need to disablethe Wifi card.

I've discussed this we a colleague this morning and he said to check the IP addresses my Sky Broadband router is assigning the Wireless cards, it could be that they're similar addresses?

I spent about 3 hours on this last night and am banging my head against the wall! please help!
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  1. How are you transferring the files? How do you know which IP you are transferring the files too?
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    You need different IP ranges on the 2 nic cards. You need to remove the gateway on the wired ones.
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