Is this PSU good enough for my pc( with a MSI N780 Twin Frozr Gaming 3G5/OC) ?

Hey guys,

I've got another question about my PSU and GPU.
At the moment im using this PSU (click on the link): http://

I want to use this GPU: MSI N780 Twin Frozr Gaming 3G5/OC.
Am i able to use this Gpu with this PSU ,without any problems?

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    For a single 780, yes that's more than enough. Maybe not quite enough for SLI, but single card will be no problem.

    However, double-check the power cables. That PSU has one 8-pin, one 6-pin PCIe cable. I think that's enough for the card, but I've seen some 780s that require to 8-pin cables.
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