Anyone else ever had a problem with Far Cry 3?

So it used to crash on me but then I lowered the quality of it and then it went fine but recently I have found that ever since I have had Far Cry 3 on my PC it has made my PC go funny from time to time. Now when i say 'funny' I mean this: My WiFi signal of 5 bars remains but Skype disconnects, I cannot load webpages and since I am in Chrome when I go to load a page the blue loading circle does turn but every second or so it stops turning, then in the next seconds it jumps ahead to where it should be. It is like that with everything. When i try to move the mouse, it jumps, when i try to listen to a song it stops, watch a video it stops e.t.c. This always goes whenever I restart the machine but it's just a pain to have to do that. it doesn't happen at any specific time just randomly. If it's relevant:

Intel Core i3-3220
AMD Radeon HD 7750
8GB DDR3 RAM 1600MHz
450W Corsair PSU
Asus Z77 P8-LV

It does it even when Far Cry 3 is not even running and it never does it when I don't have Far Cry 3 installed.
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  1. Did you buy it or pirate it?
  2. Bought
  3. Try deleting every single Far Cry 3 file and reinstall it.
  4. get ccleaner to remove any lingering registry files after you uninstall it
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