22" eyefinity or 27" 1440

which is better? im planning on upgrading my monitor. im planning on buying 3 samsung 22" monitor for eyefinity but im wondering if it would be more practical to buy 1 27" monitor and play on higher resolution? im currently playing on 1080. i have a r9 280x which im planning on crossfiring in the next couple of months.
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  1. If you need the wide field of vision then the eyefinity migh be nice, however in most cases the single 27" high resolution display is nicer.
  2. as far as practicality goes, I'm quite jealous of my friend's 1440p monitor. gaming will look a little better than in 1080p, but it will take a lot more power ( akin to an R9 280x's) to run smoothly. My friend uses a 7970 and that is sufficient to keep a good framerate. It is a lot easier to place and deal with one monitor, but if you frequently work with spreadsheets or programming environments, it may be more practical to get the 3x 22's.

    As for which is "better"... that's entirely up to you.
  3. will the r9 280x be able to keep up with 1440p on gaming? or i need to dial down some settings?
  4. You will need the crossfire to max it out, but it will run decently on one.
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    The r9 280x (to what i know) is sililar to a 7970, but a hair better, you'll run most games in ultra, all on high.
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