SSD Samsung 840 - (2x120 - Raid 0) or 1x256GB

Is there much difference?

I wanted to do raid 0 with 2 SSD, but not sure it will be far better
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  1. I ran a raid 0 on two 80gb intel ssd's for a while. it became more of a hassle setting it up and keeping it working. I ended up just running one as a os drive and the other for my games. In the long run I didn't notice and performance gains from it. If it were me I would just go with the larger 1 drive then 2 drives in raid 0
  2. Get a single 256GB, you get trim support plus SSD tend to become less expensive the larger you buy them. So one 256GB tends to be cheaper than 2 120GB.
  3. Thanks guys!
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