Water-cooling GPU advice, System upgrade advice?

Ok, so here is what Im thinking...

As of right now my GPU is OC to 1165mhz and the mem clock is 1550mhz
The temps only get up to like 120F so like 55C I think on full load..(my room is cold XD)

and so I wanted to really get all the OC I can out of this card, I was wondering if I could get a watercooling block for it, but without it all being custom loop or whatever..

I really dont wanna pay out the as* for a whole watercooling system when all I wanna do is cool one component... perhaps even looking into OCing my RAM if I was to go custom loop..

I mean I have an h100i but thats just a sealed CPU water cooler.. I was wondering if there was something liek that, but for a GPU..

Im a computer euthusiant, but if you look at my system, there is basically nothing to upgrade cause I have the best AM3+ socket chip for my board.. a 7970 that treats me well, and 16gb of RAM.. Im really itching to upgrade my system, maybe RAID or something, I need ideas on what I could add on :D
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  1. Shy of tossing about $500-1000 for a custom loop i don't think you will get much of a performance boost.
    There are similar closed loop cooling solutions for GPU's as well, by arctic, but i'm not sure if that one supports 7970 to begin with.

    How about crossfire for the 7970, probably the best performance enhancing thing you can do.
  2. Yeah but the same thing is $400 bro.. or $329 for non GHZ edition
  3. You shouldn't be paying more than $300 for any 7970. Since the R9 280X is practically the same card at $299.
  4. rvilkman said:
    You shouldn't be paying more than $300 for any 7970. Since the R9 280X is practically the same card at $299.

    Mk, well, its just this really sucks cause I wanna better CPU... But i cant do that without going intel and changing out a $130 board :( and plus is there like.. a preference for intel chips where like NVIDIA works better?

    Do you think I could get intel and keep my 7970?
    like i could but would there be some type of magical problem or something, also, Im looking at a 4770k I7 or a 3570k or a 4930k if i was to go intel.. and id wanna keep my GPU, cuz there no way i have enough to go NVIDIA and intell

    ALSO what do you think about getting some really really high performance thermal paste, and putting it on my GPU and also on my CPU? Like really good stuff
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    If you are running an FX8320 at the moment, really there is not much point in upgrading the CPU. That runs things almost as good as the intel chips, and even then the 2nd 7970 would be a better buy than the mobo and an intel CPU.
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