GPU for FX 6300?

What is a good GPU for the AMD FX 6300 that gives you some decent bang for your buck? I was looking at the R9 series..but I don't know what goes well with what, pretty nooby at the whole gaming computer thing.
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  1. Depends on your budget. The 7950 is a good card, but you can get the 7970 GHz or 280X if you can afford it.
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    Ok ok, the R9 series are really un stable right now.. It is recommended you wait till AMDs coolers for them arent the only thing you can get on it.. You're best bet if you wanna keep it AMD is the 78xx series or the 79xx series.. So go 7870 or 7970 bro..
    but with that CPU.. get the 7850 or 7870, which are fairly good GPUs bro

    The R9 series are really loud, and they get REAL hot, the hotter they get the less they perform, so you wont get your bang for you're buck..

    If you dont want the 78xx series or the 79xx series, hit up that NVIDIA, not a bad idea.. for NVIDIA I would suggest a GTX 670 from GIGABYTE :)

    Or a 770 from EVGA

    If this helped click on the solution button:) cheers

    What's great about theses that that you can crossfire or SLI
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