Arctic Accelero Xtreme III on 2 GTX 580's SC overheating

First post.

I got 2 EVGA GTX580 SuperClocked running in SLI for which I got 2 Accelero Xtreme III coolers.

Ambient temp is 20-21C.
Using EVGA's precision tool to turn the fan speed of the card on top to 100%, I still get >95C in some games. The bottom card never reaches 75C which is OK.

The very reason I got these coolers is to have temp lower than 90-95.

I disconnected the fan cables from the cards themselves and connected them straight to the 850W power supply with the help of 4-pin Fan power adapter supplied with the coolers.

Now, both cards idle around 35-45C, but when I launch a game, the top one spikes to 90+ in a matter of seconds.

My question is:

How can I control these fans without a hardware fan controller ?
The pins from the coolers do not fit any fan slot on the motherboard.

Here's a picture of the power adapter:

Note that I have 2 of these connectors. One for each cooler.
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    I would remove the cooler and reapply thermal-paste. it seems like you're not achieving efficient thermal transfer to the cooler
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I took out the cards and noticed that the cooler was not firmly tightened on the card.

    After tightening it, the card on top never reaches 80C.
  3. Great, that sounds much more reasonable :)
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