Will his RAM fit under this CPU cooler?

I am using a Micro ATX MB and I want to know if this RAM will fit under the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO.


CPU Cooler

Thanks in advanced.
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  1. Yes, it should. Looks like a low profile heatsink although I couldn't find the exact dimensions.
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    I had those same sticks in my rig awhile back. (see my sig) I had to use the slots that were not directly under the cooler's fan. Otherwise, they were just a tad to tall. But I could have just slid the fan up a tiny bit to clear them as well. In my case it was easier to just use the other slots.
  3. Sniper series is just a tad taller than Ripjaws X, which won't fit under the Hyper 212 EVO - unless you move the fan "up" the heatsink, which you can do. You may lose a touch of cooling efficiency, but I have never heard anyone complain.
  4. You only have to move the fan up a very small notch to fit them.
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