Can someone please look over my gaming build?

Okay, so first off. I am not looking on being able to play everything on ultra 1080p. I would like to be able to play most games on high or ultra at 1080p.

CPU: AMD FX-6300 Vishera 3.5GHz

GPU: Nvidia Gtx 650 ti boost 2 gb

RAM: Kingston HyperX Blu 8GB (2 x 4GB)


Also was looking at a 500W PSU.

Will all these components work for one another and how will it run games? Any flaws worth pointing out. I'm kind of on a budget.

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    The card is about minimum for 1080p, but it will provide smooth gameplay with medium/near max settings depending on the game. You can up it to a GTX 660 or HD 7870 depending on the make/model of PSU you get. I have a GTX 650ti Boost 1GB on one of my machines with a Ivy Bridge i5. It does quite well, almost a GTX 660.
  2. I was looking at either a 7870 or a 7850 instead. With the processor and the GPU could i pull this all off with a 500W PSU? And could my motherboard handle a GPU that strong?
  3. So you're saying I need to up the watts. 500 isn't good enough?
  4. The motherboard is not an issue. It's all about the PSU and your budget. An HD 7870 requires 2 x 6 pin PCIe connectors. The other cards discussed only require 1. The HD 7850 is a sideways move to the ti Boost. Don't let us discourage you from the Boost. It will do OK for you.
    Here is Tom's Hierarchy chart for gaming cards:,3107-7.html
  5. Mellow-aide said:
    So you're saying I need to up the watts. 500 isn't good enough?

    You need about 500+W with 12V rail @ 30+ amps and pins for ur GPU
  6. So this PSU will work?

    And any this kind of goes over the budget a little. would there be any CPU replacement that is cheaper than the one I have now that wont bottleneck the GPU or the overall performance of the system.
  7. More on the lines of quad-core as opposed to six.
  8. Mellow-aide said:
    More on the lines of quad-core as opposed to six.

    Your FX-6300 is fine. Stay with it. Here is a nice PSU if you are budget limited:
    I have used these Rosewills in many of my budget gamers. They are excellent performers and good quality. This one is modular, has a 46A +12V rail, 2 x 6/8 pin PCIe connectors and received a good review by a respected site:

    Btw, your above link just goes to the home page.
  9. Thank you very much. This has been very helpful. I just found out I made a silly error. My monitors resolution is 1600x900. I know it's still greater than 720p but do you think the HD 7870 is still the best way to go. Or would a cheaper card be better. more along the lines of a 7770 or some othernvidia card?

    Thanks again, and sorry for all the questions!
  10. One more thing. I was also thinking about limiting my RAM down to one stick of 4gb. I don't multi-task when I game so I really see any need for 8. I can upgrade if I really need to later. Any recommendations. I'm not looking to spend 60 dollars on RAM. Closer to the lines of 40 or 50, if anything like that even exists... You probably already have guessed it but i'm pretty new in building computers...
  11. At 1600x900 you can easily get by with the GTX 650ti or HD 7850. Even the HD 7770 would be OK. But the other two choices would more or less guarantee that you could use the highest settings in most games. Here is something you may want to give a quick read as to 4GB vs 8GB of RAM in gaming:
    Basically, they are saying that since games are still 32 bit coded, they can only address 4GB of memory. But we seldom run our machines totally void of background activity when we game. Windows is using some of that RAM, and it is constantly doing "housekeeping" activity in the background. So, while you will be fine with 4GB temporarily, you won't have a full 4GB to work with while gaming. And less importantly, you won't have access to dual channel speed with only one stick; you have to have identical sticks in each channel for dual channel mode to take affect.
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